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   Their exist a class of demon that is said to hold sway over the hearts
of mortal men and women.  The darkest nature of humanity is open for
eploitation by this breed, Succubi and Incubi for eons have tempted good
men and women with their carnal appetites.  Feeding on the sexual energies
of their opponents and draining them of energy before leaving them emptied
husk of flesh.  They are a very cunning and charismatic sect of hell, able
to wrap devious webs of deceit to deceive the people of the mortal realm
for their gain.  None save the gods have been able to stave off the endless
assault of the senses these foul monsters put forth.  

The maximum stats for the Succubus and Incubus are:

     STR      INT      WIS      DEX      CON      CHA
      17       19       16       17       16       19

--- List of the Insymniacs:

No one at all!

DalkethLevel: 100
2018-03-30 10:02:45
Shout out to all that are still alive and kickin'! May this find you all safe and well!! :)
ScytheLevel: 52
2018-08-30 08:54:54
im alive. barely
LocfinLevel: 101
2018-11-13 08:12:26
Everybody dropped off the face of the mud
ArbosusLevel: 127
2018-11-28 19:19:38
All you slackers should be playing more.
ArbosusLevel: 306
2020-10-15 19:55:03
Haven't seen anyone on in a long time hope all is well.
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